Andrew: Things



Hi, I’m Andrew & I do IT Consulting, IT Education & Indie App Development. I also often share my thoughts on things.

I live in the county of Derbyshire in England.


I started this because while Twitter & Instagram are great, it’s not super conducive to getting thoughts in a more, well thought out fashion. So, I made this. I am hopeful at least someone will read it, but if not then I’ve not lost much in the process.


You can find me as @aamcking on:, Twitter & Instagram.

You can find me via my business: Derbyshire Tech Help.

Why do you #tag most of your most of your blog posts even though the platform doesn’t support them?

A lot of the #tags are for Twitter’s benefit when the post gets cross posted over there automatically. Some of them are for a bit of future proofing should #tagging or searching ever be implemented sitewide.