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Hybrid / Multiplatform Solutions vs Native apps

Rebecca Slatkin on Twitter:

Web App Guy: WRITE ONCE, RUN EVERYWHERE releases doves
Native Developers: what if we want to need to hit different urls in production than in dev?
ND: Can we write integration tests?
ND: what?
WAG: what?

And a little later:

This is a joke. Please stop picking apart my words to point out I don’t know what Im talking about. I know I’m stupid. I promise. If you’re a web app enthusiast, that’s amazing. In my experience hybrid solutions are sold to business people and developers as left holding the bag.

Rebecca’s point here, while taken a little too seriously by the trolls is a very real and big problem facing modern development today. You want to push a multiplatform app for your service out the door that supports iOS, macOS, Android, Windows & Linux but only want to spend money on one set of developers. It sounds great but when, as Rebecca puts it ‘business people’ don’t see anything other than the savings potential, you start to see where the idea falls down. To single out a few, services like Slack & Discord have apps that can take a monstrous toll on cpu & memory performance (let alone battery - both apps I immediately quit once I’m running on battery).

Today’s market is competitive, how do you balance the need for quality, responsive native feeling apps that can reach all potential users while keeping costs down?

I fear this is a problem that is only going to get worse and I don’t think anyone is even close to the answer yet.