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New website / blog

So, after much time doing nothing with (and by ‘much time’ I mean nearly 15 years) I finally have a blog worthy of my thoughts. I also wanted a more permanent home for my 2018 ‘Year in Pictures’ project and then somewhere for 2019’s, which will most likely revolve around the written word.

I stopped using Facebook around 6-7 years ago now and have wanted to move away from Instagram as a primary platform for a while. The creepy machine learning doesn’t really bother me at all on a photo-based platform compared to one like Facebook that literally holds raw data about your life. Additionally however, social networks come and go and in 5 year’s time being able to look back on the blog in an easier access fashion appealed greatly. That being said, I still use Twitter and honestly love it.

Some titbits:

  • This blog is hosted via , I highly recommend you check it out if you haven’t yet.
  • I do plan to keep posting my ‘Year in Pictures’ to Instagram but will no longer cross post from Instagram to Twitter.
  • Instead, the primary post will be made here and then sent to Twitter as a native tweet.
  • Despite what you’re thinking, it was surprisingly easy to migrate the project from Instagram to here making the full back catalogue available.
  • Hashtags don’t seem to do anything? They don’t, check out the about page to find out what’s the deal there.

I have honestly no idea who, if anyone will read this, hopefully someone will.